PDF File

Portable Document Format, used to display documents in an electronic form independent of the software, hardware or operating system they are viewed on.

How do you open PDF files?

PDF (Portable Document Format) files can be opened on every device using the right software. You can use the free program ‘Adobe Reader’ to view your PDF files by double-clicking them. Next time you want to open the files with the reader, right-click the file, tap ‘Open With’ and select ‘Adobe Reader’. If you don’t want to use Adobe Reader, use the default program ‘PDF reader’ on Windows 8.

For OS X, use the default tool ‘Preview’. Note that this tool allows you to just view a PDF file but not edit it. If you are using iOS, open online PDF files with the built-in PDF reader. For Android, use Google Drive, Adobe Reader, or QuickOffice.

Where can I use my PDF File Logo?

PDF files can be used for clothing and print materials like stickers, brochures, business cards, posters, and the likes. You can also use these PDF file logos for clothing.

Pros of PDF File

The biggest advantage of the PDF format is the compressing feature that allows you to compress it to a relatively small file size without altering the quality. The compact PDF files can eventually be saved on a hard drive if you have storage constraints. The PDF files can include almost all types of content, such as images, text, animations, hyperlinks, audio files, and vector graphics, to name a few. Such files can be protected via a password. Other security options available include watermarks and digital signatures. Some other benefits of using a PDF file are:

  • PDF files are convenient to read, create, and use.

  • They are multi-dimensional.

  • They have graphic integrity allowing users to view them in the same layout on every device or operating system.

Cons of PNG File

Developed with the main goal to preserve its content and layout, a PDF file allows you to view it as the same everywhere regardless of computer programs or platforms. This makes them tricky to edit. PDF files are also difficult to read and even extracting information is a challenge.

PDF files have website compatibility issues. They can’t be incorporated into web pages fully. You can view them within the browser only by means of programs such as PDF reader plug-in or Adobe Reader. If you don’t have any plug-in installed, you need to download and view PDF files using a distinct application.

Mac and Windows only support PDF files. That means you can’t create or work with PDF files if you use Linux or Unix. If you want to edit these files, you need specialized programs that can allow you to work with text content.

Also, different types of PDFs will need different ways for working with them.

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