PNG File

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)is a raster-graphics file format that supports lossless data compression.

How do you open PNG files?

A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file can be opened with several free and commercial tools including web browsers and image and video editing software. Some operating systems like Ubuntu and macOS take screenshots in PNG format by default and store them that can eventually be opened with programs like Apple Preview and Microsoft Photos. Taking about web browsers, they help you view PNG images you opened from the web online without having to download them.

Also, there are a number of standalone file openers, programs, and graphic tools to open PNG files. You can use the default photo viewer program ‘Windows Photo Viewer; in Windows 7, 8, and 10. Simply double-click the image to open it. Another recommended way to view PNG images on Windows is by using Adobe Photoshop. Other beneficial image programs include Google Drive, FileViewer, XnView, and gThumb.

Where can I use my PNG File Logo?

PNG file logos can be used on blogs and websites. You can also use them for presentations, social media profiles, Google docs, and watermark images.

Pros of PNG File

PNG file has a 24-bit color that supports more than 16 million colors, thus making it the perfect type for digital art. Besides having a full-color spectrum, such a file has lossless compression and supports semi-transparency. PNG files employ good image compression technology that allows you to download smaller files quickly. The best part of them is that even small files are able to retain fine quality and resolution. Such files are great for logos and other small images and can also be saved in various sizes. Other pros of PNG files are:

  • Multiple layers of transparency

  • Higher bit depths

  • Built-in gamma correction

  • Patent-free

  • Small size files

Cons of PNG File

PNG files also come with some disadvantages. As they are a lot larger than JPG files, they need more memory space unless compressed. These files don’t support animation, dimensional images, and full-color images. You cannot store multiple PNG images in a single file. Further, the PNG format is not supported by every internet browser.

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